Whatever you do, do it with intent.

This applies to rope in so many ways.

When you learn something, you are learning the foundations. You are learning how to do something. But the use of that thing, the intent, is up to you. Your teacher is not you. They can teach you the forms, the how to create the “thing”, but the intent is yours and yours alone, to create an intention and a space for that intention with someone else, to burn brightly together for a brief moment in time.

No matter how many different teachers you learn from, no matter who the teacher is, if you learn the forms but don’t put your own intent into them when you use them, then you will always be chasing that little “thing” that is missing…and that thing, is intent. Your intent!

Teachers teach forms. What you do with the form, is up to you. Don’t mistake the teachings, for the intent.

Whatever you do, do it with intent!

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