It’s time for all the girls to get together and have some fun!!!

“Evil Girls” is a Play Party for Women Only, held here at Evil Girls HQ in Logan City. Our new home boasts a rope space with multiple suspension points, as well as a dungeon room and playspaces on our lovely verandah…and there is even a pool, bring your togs! All available as a space for women to play with women, come on along and enjoy the beautiful energy created in such an environment!

This is a non-catered event, please have dinner before you come. Tea, Coffee and Filtered Water will be provided free of charge. Entry Fee is $15 per person, cash at the door.

Rules in general for “Evil Girls” Women’s Only Parties will be the same as for all events held at Evil Girls HQ as stated here¬†with the exception that they are only open to Women. The definition of ‘Women’ shall be any person holding a Female Drivers License/Passport or similar Government issued 18+ card etc specifying Female gender. Also tickets will be sold at the door, and not via the website. Evil Girls HQ is a Trans friendly/LGBTIQ friendly venue. If you feel you don’t have the required documentation please don’t hesitate to contact us.