Product Description


Only Furoshiki in stock will show on the drop down list, if it isn’t there it is out of stock

Just added to our rope sales department are these beautiful genuine Japanese made Furoshiki.

Medium Size (M1~M4) are approximately 70cm x 70cm, so will comfortably fit 10 hanks of rope, $25 each.

Large Size (L1~L7) are approximately 100cm x 100cm (some slightly bigger), will comfortably fit 15 hanks of rope, $30 each.

Extra Large Size (XL-1) is 115cm x 115cm and is double sided and will fit a metric shit-ton of rope LOL, $35 each.

M-4 and L-7 are two-toned, graduating from the full colour through to white, and are a very light nylon (almost see through).

All other Medium sized are polyester or rayon, while all the other Large (except L-7) and Extra Large are a strong weave cotton.

There are only a few of each, so get in quick :).