Kazami-Ryu Level 1

Kazami-Ryu Level 1

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Core Curriculum

Kazami-Ryu 1 will teach the student to apply the standard Kazami-Ryu Munenawa (chest harness) safely, comfortably and with finesse.

Kazami-ryu Munenawa (chest harness, or TK)

How to tie it and understand why you are tying it in this fashion.


Why it’s important and how to create it in the chest harness.
Safety and emergency procedures.

Identifying nerve paths and tying around them, what to do in emergency situations.

Optional Curriculum

Kazami-ryu Maeniryoute Shibari (Arms bound in front)

Futomomo (Ankle bound to hip – non suspension)

Advancing to Kazami-Ryu 2

Students must satisfactorily complete the core curriculum in order to move up to Kazami Ryu 2.

The test for this will be tying a suspension worthy 3 rope chest harness in 7:30. How long it takes to graduate is entirely dependant on how often a student practices.


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