VIOLET 6mm Jute Rope Unconditioned (8m hank)

VIOLET 6mm Jute Rope Unconditioned (8m hank)

$22.00 Inc GST

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Unfortunately due to COVID19 and the lack of flights from Japan to Australia, the only way to get the stock here was by DHL. Added to the drop in the Australian Dollar against the Japanese Yen, we are having to charge a small surcharge or $2.00 per hank to cover these costs. We still believe it is the best value rope quality rope available in Australia.

A Japanese made Asanawa style jute rope with a lovely soft lay that is also extremely hard wearing. The rope has been dyed violet in a wet dye process, which does result in a slightly thicker than 6mm rope (around 7~7.5mm). However it stretches down to 6mm very quickly with use or in a conditioning/stretching process, so we sell it as a 6mm rope.

Please note the violet dye does not quite penetrate right through the rope, there is some natural colour in the centre.

This item is a raw, unconditioned item. If you wish for this rope to be conditioned, once you have added the number of hanks to your shopping cart please return to the shop page and purchase “Rope Conditioning” for the appropriate number of hanks.

We also sell conditioning wax and oils in our shop for ongoing maintenance. Vegan options are available.