A variety of Special Events and Workshops will be available from time to time at Evil Girls HQ. Evil Girls HQ regularly welcomes visiting teachers, and puts on other special play and performance events on occasion. Please view our full events calendar for details or see the tabs below:

Evil Girls HQ are proud to be working with Studio Kink Sydney to bring Kasumi Hourai to Brisbane to teach Naka Style Kinbaku for the first time!

Hourai Kasumi is a highly respected Japanese Kinbakushi from Nagoya. Initially self taught, at 19 years old Kasumi decided to go to Tokyo in order to study under Akechi Denki in 1999.

Since then she has has learnt from a variety of highly respected sources. Kasumi spent time training with Hajime Kinoko as a member of ‘Ichinawakai’ where she learnt a lot about the discipline itself.

Then in ‘Salon Kitagawa’ she received instruction from Kitagawa on carabiner-less techniques and many different locks and knots as part of a logical, beautiful and efficient system.

Having had the opportunity to have an exchange with Akira Naka, Kasumi then developed a strong fascination with his work and in 2015 dedicated herself to study Naka Ryu with a passion. From the beauty of Akira Naka’s rope work and his attention to detail, Kasumi sensed what she felt was the soul of a traditional Japanese ‘craftsman’ – the ability to give complete attention to detail focusing not only on aesthetics but on intention as well. This caused her fascination with him to grow even more. From these experiences, Kasumi developed a strong desire to create a personal archive in order to keep a record of her own experiences as a rope bottom (bottoming for Akira Naka for DVD, performances and photoshoots in collaboration with Norio Sugiura). Since then Kasumi has spent more and more time learning from Akira Naka and then started being called on by Norio Sugiura to help in his studio as a rigger. This inspired her further towards the more classical and traditional form of Kinbaku.

Kasumi has her own style of rope, a fusion of Kinbaku with more traditional Japanese culture as well as her own experience as a Kinbaku model. Established in her own passion for traditional Japanese culture and her own understanding and sensitivity to it. Kasumi endeavours to teach this, not only with words but in real life with demonstrations. Currently, Kasumi is using all of her experiences as a rigger, working for photo studios on collaborations with the goal of expanding the sense and beauty with three-dimensional photography. She also travels the world to share her passion for Kinbaku. Check her website.

Kasumi’s model for the weekend will be the amazing -Yua- and we are honoured to again have her modelling here at EGHQ.

Dates are 15th, 16th and 17th of March, 2019

This will be a Friday Night/Saturday/Sunday Intensive, sold as one unit. All students must attend the Naka Style TK/Gote class on Friday night to be able to continue through the weekend.
Friday Night Class: 3 hours, 7:00~10:00pm
Saturday Class: 5 Hours plus lunchtime
Sunday Class: 5 Hours plus lunchtime

Exact content is still to be advised, but the weekend will be spent tying on Bamboo. Suspension experience is a must. If students wish to feel the full experience of Naka Style and the building of the feelings of shame and exposure, it is recommended by Kasumi that models enjoy the classes while wearing Nagajuban, or a light silk/polyester dressing gown. Nagajuban (also simply called Juban) can be purchased on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay or websites such as Kimono Market and Rakuten.

Miss Gen will be interpreting throughout the entire Workshop Intensive.

There is only space for 8 couples for this Intensive!

There will be a performance! Tickets will be made available much closer to the date, and will be offered first to those who have booked for the workshop.

Private Lessons with Kasumi will also be available, contact us for details!

Pedro is coming back in October 2019, and it’s going to be another amazing weekend of learning!

Pedro’s workshops completely sold out the last two years, and we are thrilled that he is coming back to Evil Girls HQ this year for more! He has become one of the most sought after international rope instructors for his technical expertise, clear teaching style, and creative approach to rope.

Pedro’s Bio:

My decade-plus obsession with rope started in November 2003 in Tokyo. In 2004, a new journey began when I took classes with Nawashi Akechi Denki Sensei. After the Sensei’s death (2005-07-17), I continued to study with Nawashi Kanna (formerly Akechi Kanna) – both of whom remain strong influences on my style today. I frequently travel to Japan to keep alive my passion for rope, studies and research. Since there are so many rope salons in Tokyo, with so many talented rope people, if one keeps one’s heart and eyes open, one will definitely learn a lot about Japan and its rope culture. This amazing odyssey in kinbaku has allowed me to meet/see/learn from so many great people; such as Yukimura Haruki, Nureki Chimuo, Naka Akira, Randa Mai, Miura Takumi, Hajime Kinoko to name a few… Recently I started to look more closely at Naka Akira’s style, especially after the workshop he presented at Berlin’s “Schwelle 7” in January 2014. In addition, I have investigated a number of Hojojutsu patterns, as well as its history.

Over the years, I have performed mainly in Portugal (residing in Lisbon), but also have made appearances across Europe (including the famed “London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage”), U.S. (including the famed “Bondage Expo Dallas”) and Japan. I’ve been teaching for several years now in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, U.K., U.S.A., Canada and Australia. The topics I teach are vast, I usually adjust my classes to the level of the participants – from beginner to experienced.

More information to come closer to the time!