Evil-Lution is a monthly party held in our dedicated Play Space. Over 200 square meters of Play and Chill Areas, with a variety of equipment available including Medical Areas with full Hospital Beds , Y Frame, Upright Posts, Benches and Suspension Points.



This is for those wanting to learn, those wanting to expand their horizons, and those simply wanting to play around with rope (and maybe some other forms of bondage?). As the name suggests, it will be Rope-Centric…but with a bit of leeway.

There is be the ability of beginners to learn the basics, and for the more experienced to share their knowledge, or simply use the space and time to practice, talk rope, learn new techniques, play a bit, etc.


Evil Girls

“Evil Girls” is a Play Party for Women Only, held here at Evil Girls HQ. All the dungeon facilities are open and available (over 20 different play stations etc), but as a space for women to play with women. Come on along and enjoy the beautiful energy created in such an environment!