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A Weekend of Yukimura-Ryū (Floor Work) with Scott


Yukimura Haruki (雪村春樹) (1948 – 2016) is considered to be one of the four Grandmasters of shibari. With the experience of over 30 years of tying he developed his own style of shibari, Yukimura-ryū. From Master K’s Beauty of Kinbaku;

“…his style of kinbaku is unique and all his own. Dubbed “the caressing style”, he dislikes suspension and usually keeps his partners on the tatami mat where he always strives for beauty in the tie and in the expression of his models. It’s said his motto is “Tying is serving the woman” and when recently asked what shibari meant to him he replied “To me, shibari is an emotional exchange between a man and a woman. That’s unique to Japan – to express love and emotion entirely through the medium of rope. So shibari is not how you do this tie or that tie, it’s how you use the rope to exchange emotions with another”.

Learning the technicalities of the ties will constitute only a very small portion of the workshop, with the primary focus being on the process of tying, during which there is the exchange of emotions, rather than the end pattern. The objective is to evoke emotional responses in the person being tied, with each and every moment and action having intent and focus, whilst constantly being aware of the emotional and physical state of the person being tied.

This workshop will utilise variations and sequences predominately using two main ties; maete shibari (前手の縛り- arms in front shibari) and the Yukimura-ryū gote (後手の縛り), with this tying occurring primarily on the floor.

Using these ties we will be examining numerous concepts inherent in Yukimura-ryū that make it unique in the world of kinbaku. These will include:

* Use of the nawajiri (縄尻), or rope end

* The use of maai (間合い), or distance / time

* The use of ki (気)

* The use of the breath and voice

* Creating physical and emotional tension

* Creating a story

* How to pose

Please ensure you are comfortable tying intimately with the partner you attend with, as this is a focus of Yukimura ryū.


Scott is one of the most experienced practitioners of shibari outside of Japan. He has been studying shibari for over ten years, with eight as a student of Osada Steve and Yukimura Haruki.

Scott is one of only four licensed instructors of Osada-ryū in the world, having gained this certification in 2012 from Osada Steve sensei. Scott is also a licensed instructor in Yukimura-ryū, gaining this certification in 2014, along with the name Haruteru (春輝), given to him by Yukimura sensei. Osada Steve, himself a Yukimura-ryū instructor, has said that “Scott is one of only three or four people in the world who truly understands Yukimura-ryū”.

Scott established the Melbourne Rope Dojo in 2011, where he currently teaches 4 classes a week in both Osada-ryū and Yukimura-ryū. In addition to teaching at the Dojo in Melbourne, he has taught and performed both around Australia and in Japan.

The main focus of Scott’s tying and teaching is how to use rope as a means of deep connection. He is interested in how rope can be used as a medium to explore emotion and draw out the inner feelings and beauty of the person being tied. Scott takes pride in ensuring his students are both challenged and supported to learn and improve their tying and to find new ways to connect with one another. While he emphasises strong technique as a basis for good tying, technique is merely the foundation upon which intense emotional experiences can be built.

Only spaces for 8 couples in this amazing weekend, so get in fast for your placement!

Cost is for the 2 day weekend workshop and is per rope couple, 6 hours of learning plus a 1 hour break per day. No catering for meals is included but of course Tea, Coffee, Filtered Water and biscuits are always available at Evil Girls HQ!

All tickets must be purchased HERE!