Rope-Centric returns in 2023!


Rope-Centric is in the format of a Japanese style Rope Salon, hosted by a known rigger…in this case Miss Gen, who is the head of Kazami-Ryu Shibari in Australasia.

What this means is that there will be no formal teaching at Rope-Centric, it will be a place to come and enjoy using your rope, to play, to expand your knowledge in an informal and casual manner. It will be generally supervised by Miss Gen or Her appointees, although She may not be inside the studio the whole afternoon, she is allowed to have a cup of tea as well you know :). Miss Gen may choose to show a tie, and you will be welcome to ask advice of Her if you wish.

The Evil Girls HQ rope studio is a 40+ square meter purpose created rope space at our home in Shailer Park. It incorporates The EGHQ Matrix (#eghqmatrix), a purpose built, mind-bending 30 square meter box frame suitable for multiple simultaneous suspensions, pole ties and performances. Guests will have access to the rope studio, the large house verandah where coffee, tea and snacks will be available, and possibly the pool area in summer months (strictly supervised if for rope).

There is no dress code, it is a come as you are, casual afternoon…as we like to say, “A Lazy Saturday Afternoon With Rope”! Outdoor footwear is not permitted on the mats inside the rope studio, but must be worn outside at all times (ie no going back into the studio with dirty feet please). Slippers are permitted inside on the mats, but not on the Tatami. No food or drink (other than closed bottles) inside the studio. Being naked inside the Studio is acceptable, but please ensure you are clothed when outside or on the verandah.

All genders are welcome at Rope-Centric!

All bookings are in advance and we will be restricting numbers to 20 people.

Rope-Centric will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month.


Entrance is a privilege, not a right. Anyone being a dick will be asked to leave without refund, and may not be allowed to return. All rope play is at the discretion of Miss Gen or Her appointees, and she may restrict or otherwise control any play inside the studio at Her/their discretion for safety or other reasons. But generally, tie within your skill level and there will be smiles all around :).

After booking you will immediately receive 2 emails from our website, one is the ticket and one is the order confirmation invoice. There will be a download link to very important information including the address in the document attached to the download link.



Come on along for ropey good times at Evil Girls HQ!