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Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 1 Weekend Intensive


Come and learn the basics of Kazami-Ryu Shibari with Miss Gen and Basanos!

The Kazami-Ryu curriculum has been carefully tiered in order to provide students with the safest, sanest path on their journey in rope. The Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 1 Weekend Intensive has been designed to build good foundations for all participants, and if students are able to complete the testing requirements they shall graduate with a Certificate Of Attainment for Level 1, all within a 15 hour Weekend Intensive setting.

There are only 5 tickets available for this weekend intensive! Please note the cost is per rope couple, so you only require one ticket total per couple. In order to ensure the class is not slowed down for other students, switching during class is not permitted, only one person per couple ties for the entire weekend.


You must be able to competently tie a one column tie without any supervision (ie have completed a Bondage 101/basics lesson) as a minimum standard. We do recommend (but it is not absolutely required) that you have have at least started to learn some form of 2 rope Gote (TK), it doesn’t matter what style.
In the past at these Weekend Intensives, students who have already learned how to do a 2 rope Gote have generally passed the final testing, while those who have not find it more difficult. Even if you don’t pass however, you will learn so much in this weekend, and be able to join straight into our weekly classes to complete your Level 1.

Core Curriculum

Kazami-Ryu Level 1 will teach the student to apply the standard Kazami-Ryu Munenawa (chest harness, TK) safely, comfortably and with finesse.

Kazami-ryu Munenawa (chest harness, or TK)
a. How to tie it and understand why you are tying it in this fashion.
a. Why they are important and how to create them in the chest harness.
Safety and emergency procedures.
a. Identifying nerve paths and tying around them, what to do in emergency situations.
Additional Curriculum

Kazami-ryu Maeniryōhōte Shibari (Arms bound in front, 2 versions)
Futomomo (Ankle bound to hip – non suspension)
Gyaku-Ebi (Hogtie, Floor Work)

Testing requirements

Students must satisfactorily complete the Level 1 curriculum in order to receive a Certificate of Attainment.

The test for this will be tying an acceptable 3 rope Kazami-Ryu Munenawa (chest harness, TK) in 7min 30sec. It is expected that most students, especially those with some TK experience (2 rope and above) will be able to complete this testing.

About Miss Gen

Miss Gen has been tying herself up since she was 5, and this fascination with bondage continues to this day. After seeing a bondage magazine in an Adult shop when she was 18 she discovered a name for what she was doing and the passion which would continue throughout her adult life was fuelled.

Miss Gen is known for her Energistic style of intimate rope which has evolved due to her previous studies as an Energy Healer. She envelops her play partner in a web of energy, enthralling audiences and making her play partner fly, even while on the ground. She considers herself a Rope Artist, not a Rigger, and together with her life-partners Georgia and –chewtoy- has performed her style of rope to critical acclaim both in Australia and Japan.

Miss Gen is a fluent speaker of the Japanese language due to living there during High School, and as well as teaching has acted as interpreter for the Sydney Rope Festival in 2013 & 2014, for Kazami Ranki, Nawashi Kanna and Kasumi Hourai during their various Australian tours, and has also interpreted in Japan at Yoi Yoshida’s event “O-Nawa 2014” where she also performed with both Georgia and -chewtoy-.

Her past influences and teachers include such Australian names as Mark DV8 from Sydney and __S__ from Melbourne, and such Japanese names as Nawashi Kanna, Bingo Shigonawa and of course Kazami Ranki.

In 2015 Miss Gen was appointed as an official Kazami-Ryu Instructor by Kazami Ranki and since then she has concentrated solely on deepening her knowledge of, and teaching of Kazami-Ryu. In 2018 she was recognised for this by being named by Kazami Ranki as the first “Shihan”, or Master Instructor/Head, of Kazami-Ryu Shibari with the responsibility of building the school throughout the Oceania region. She teaches rope classes weekly at her South East Queensland venue, Evil Girls HQ, as well as regularly travelling interstate and overseas to teach students of all levels.

About Basanos

Basanos is the deshi of Miss Evil Gen, teacher of the Kazami-Ryu style of rope, and not a very nice man. He has been referred to as an “evil genius” due to his love of edge play and inventive sadism. Basanos started learning shibari in 2010, but his journey truly began in 2015 when he first met Miss Gen. Dedicating himself to learning, practice, and play, he has evolved his own personal touch in the rope bondage that he does. He has taken instruction from such riggers such as Nawashi Kanna, Hajime Kinoko, Hourai Kasumi, and of course, Kazami-Sensei. In 2018, he was awarded the rank of teacher in the school of Kazami-Ryu.